venerdì 28 gennaio 2022

Gaga collection: best way to organize your items

I've been searching long time for an app or website that allows collectors add items and track the different versions of an album or release. I found and it is simply amazing! 

You can scan the barcode of the item and the app will automatically found the release and all the data connected to it, as year of release, country of release, etc.  

Also, you can create folders and organize your collection by name of the albums or whatever you want.   One of the best features is that the website allow you to add item you are searching for and actually buy them without leaving the site because they have their own market where other sellers or collectors sells items.   

Another feature that is really amazing is that you can see how much your Gaga collection is worth according to the rare items you have and the full list of the items in your collection.  The only negative point is that you can only add CDs and some DVDs. Magazines, posters or other merchandising you own cannot be added.

Happy collecting, monsters!

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