sabato 29 gennaio 2022

How to start your Lady Gaga collection

Do you want to start collecting Gaga items? How to start your collection? Where to buy? Don't worry, here a few tips!

1. Set a budget. 

First of all, you need to set a budget. This may be obvious but when you are excited about something you may forget that collecting is an investment of money (lots of it, sometimes) and you need to be conscious about how much money you are willing to spend monthly.

2. Write down a list of the items you want. 

It is better to be organized when it comes to start collecting. For example, if it is your first time approaching the infinite list of Gaga's releases, you might become very confused about which CDs or vinyls to buy. So it is better to select an era and look for the limited releases of that era, the most rare items so you are aware of the rarities and the most difficult items to get. Then, write down a list of the CDs you want beginning with the easiest ones to find and finishing with the rare ones. This can help you visualize if you want to start buying the most accessible items or if you want to start buying the rarities in case they become even harder to get.

You can help yourself finding all the Gaga releases searching for the name of an album on Discogs, for example.

3. Visit many sites before you buy.

When you are ready to start buying you might get too excited about it and you could end up buying from the first website you find. This is not bad at all if you are looking for the easiest-to-find ones. BUT when it comes to buy the rare ones - and that involves more money than usual - it is better to consider visiting more than one website before you buy. Many of the rarities are being sold mostly by other collectors, so the prices may vary from seller to seller. Looking at many websites may give to you a better perspective of the common price of selling for the product and that can help you not end up being scammed by some sellers with some absurd prices.

Here are some of the websites I personally look at every time I want to buy something:

- eBay

- Discogs

- Amazon

- Lady Gaga Garage Sale (Facebook group)

I hope these tips could help you but in the end, every collector finds their way that works best for them, so these are just three tips that worked for me but again, find your own way of collecting and ENJOY IT. 

Thank you for reading! 

Happy collecting, monster!

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